It is required by law that you manage any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) present if you own or maintain non-domestic properties constructed before 2000. Hiring a qualified surveyor to conduct an asbestos survey often accomplishes this.

43 - A comprehensive guide on the different forms of asbestos survey:

According to the Control of Asbestos Regulations, anyone who enters your premises is subject to a duty of care. You can begin the procedure by completing a survey. You risk potentially severe legal repercussions if asbestos-containing items on your property endanger someone and you don't have one of the right kinds of asbestos assessments in place.

Hence to safeguard our readers from any legal hassle concerning asbestos, in this article, we will discuss the different kinds of asbestos surveys and how they are beneficial for you.

Different types of asbestos survey:

There are currently only two main types of asbestos studies, depending on your plans for a non-domestic property, according to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, which resolved this issue. Management asbestos survey is a fundamental or essential survey.

All Duty Holders, or those legally responsible for ensuring asbestos is managed within a non-domestic property, should start with this survey as their foundation. This management obligation does not apply to domestic premises (except for shared areas like those in apartment buildings). Before doing any work within a domestic home, you must still conduct a survey.

Let us now read about the different types of surveys in brief:

• A management asbestos survey: This particular sort of asbestos survey, among others, attempts to guarantee that ACMs can be safely managed on the premises or in equipment and that their continued presence injures no one. Additionally, it confirms that adequate safeguards are in place to prevent unintended disruption by customers or staff. There might be a small amount of asbestos disruption to evaluate the material. A management survey will also offer advice on keeping a safe atmosphere and what to do if corrective action is needed.

• A demolition or refurbishment survey: A Refurbishment/Demolition Survey is required before significant renovations, corrective work or the demolition of a building. Alternatively, before any activity that extends beyond the scope of the initial management asbestos survey. Particularly in cases where invasive work is being done, including installing new ceilings, windows, or electrical systems. Typically, the survey must be conducted by a licenced asbestos surveyor. This particular asbestos survey, out of all the many asbestos studies, strives to ensure that a suitable contractor will carry out the planned work correctly and that no one will be hurt by working around ACM in the machinery or premises.

• A re-inspection asbestos survey: A re-inspection asbestos survey relates to the 2012 Control of Asbestos Regulations management aspects. Any ACMs should undergo a recheck as part of the management plan after any significant changes or at least once a year. This enables the responsibility holder to preserve chronological proof of how their legal obligation has been met through time. If asbestos-containing products are not correctly handled, they may deteriorate over time or sustain harm from maintenance personnel and contractors. Agencies generally offer these services throughout your city and can be readily available.

Before summing up, we want to remind all our readers that asbestos is a vulnerable substance that gets quickly released into the air and can cause serious health hazards to humans. Hence, consider the above factors and conduct an asbestos survey before it gets delayed.