About Us

We will start from our most colourful employees, these two chocolate labs are working from 9 to 5 with routine naps and have one of the hardest jobs. Keeping us happy and entertained.

They may not be the ones who will pick up the phone but you might hear them in the background playing with each other, barking for treats or simply letting us know about deliveries and guests. Don't worry, should you visit us in the office they are very friendly and playful!

Why do we want to mention this? For 2 reasons
To explain any noise you might hear in the background but secondly, because we would like you to join us and help support the charities if you are able;

Over the years we have helped charities such as:

Watford dog shelter
Hope for children in Hemel Hempstead and forces charities and a few others.

Now about the rest of us:
We are definitely a family run type of business with just over 20 members and a very friendly vibe. Everyone knows each other personally... each of us with our own experience and speciality and our own quirky traits. If you are able to connect all of these people and their skills to work together as team, the end result is an award winning company like us. 9 industry awards from 2013... not bad?!

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The most important people in the company are our employees on the ground. When it comes to our trade our operatives are putting there lives on the line to help our clients.

This does not mean we are just letting them be at risk like this. Our management have one priority. To keep our employees and customers alike, safe. Over the years we have accumulated hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of equipment which would reduce our employees exposure to levels close to none. Our trade and health and safety manager is dedicated to ensuring we don't let our guard down. Unannounced audits on sites are one of his main responsibilities.

What about our office? The best way to describe is to say: helpful knowledgeable and friendly. There is usually a handful of staff available in the office to assist you personally.

That's all very good but... thy us?

Our desire, simply put is to be the best in industry. Not just practically, but also our service as a whole.

Our key points are:

Team playing with our clients - we know that projects can be complicated and we must work closely with our clients, from a very standard, 1 hour project to a lengthy and complex 1 month project. As well as any other contractors in order to not just complete our project but help complete their project as well and promote understanding.
We are proud to say we achieve an average of 99% of projects being completed on time.

Our employees treat every project as something personal to them. We always try to offer our clients as much flexibility as we possibly can, especially when it comes to unexpected expenditures or unforeseen refurbishment and demolition project delays or otherwise, just concerns. We offer a fairly flexible booking system and transparent terms and conditions as well as a happy and helpful member of staff on hand to help you throughout the process.

When it comes to safety we ask our employees to.

I would highly recommend to check our over 300 reviews on the bottom of the page.



Asbestos is an umbrella term for a huge spectrum of naturally occurring materials. When it comes to its use in construction, it reached its peak popularity in the 1980s, just before first reports about its toxicity were exposed. After that it was quickly banned and is now no longer shipped anywhere (formerly, the main countries of asbestos mines were the USSR, Russia, Canada and South Africa). The most important quality of this material is that it is fibrous in nature. Splitting the strands of that chemical is particularly hazardous and can lead to serious health conditions. Because of its immense popularity several decades ago, now literally every building which was created in the second part of the 20th century can be at risk of having asbestos. That is why it is so tremendously important to have professionals run checks on your building and pass on their professional judgement on whether you and your loved ones would be at risk.

Asbestos is a very tricky chemical to discover. It is often hidden in places such as insulation, roofing, piping and others, moreover it can hardly ever be spotted with the naked eye. The crucial point that has to be made is that asbestos is most dangerous when it becomes airborne as it can get into your lungs and cause irreparable damage. That is why it is extremely important to not start any refurbishment in a newly inhabited flat or house without making sure that it does not contain this material. The list of potential sites it can be found is long and should discourage every DIY person from tampering with the areas of your flat that you are unsure of.

ACM is an abbreviation, meaning asbestos containing material. Contrary to popular belief, this chemical rarely exists in a clear form, more often it can be spotted as an ingredient of other compounds that thousands of buildings are made of. Living in a dwelling which houses asbestos containing materials is not always dangerous, but the risk certainly rises as the material gets older. When it deteriorates, it will very often become airborne and that is one of the main risk factors that can lead to acute illnesses of the respiratory system.

The basic difference between these two types of asbestos lies in their toughness. Both friable ACMs and non-friable ACMs are materials which contain more than 1 percent of asbestos but the former can be broken into dust by means such as applying pressure while the latter should withstand it and is not that easily-crumbled. That particular feature of these materials has a significant bearing on the procedure chosen for asbestos removal and may sometimes even cause the surveyor to recommend leaving it as it is (in case it is a non-friable ACM in a good condition).

The resilience of asbestos used to be perceived as a genuine blessing as it allowed for implementing it on a massive scale in construction works. It was commonly utilized as part of the insulation, roofing, tiling and other elements. However, with the rise of its notoriety and piling evidence showing its carcinogenic character, the very same resilience started to be a seen as a genuine curse. Primarily because it means that special safety measures have to be maintained while disposing of it. Fortunately, there are dozens of professional companies who can safely deal with that problem and make it go away.