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Asbestos Air Testing – One of the most treacherous substances to live nearby chiefly because it is often considered to be a thing of the past, thus few people pay enough attention to their closest surroundings and rarely do checks that could solve that issue. Moreover, exposure to asbestos has been often linked with serious illnesses such as lung cancer or asbestosis.

Finally, this material has been present in a lot of construction elements such as walls, insulation or roofs, which makes it difficult for an ordinary person to properly diagnose the situation. That is why it is so essential to have professionals run comprehensive tests on a dwelling and give their professional judgment.

One of the ways to do that is to carry a test where the air is examined for asbestos presence. During the process, there is a certain amount of air that is filtered in a specified period of time. It allows for the particles to be properly examined and, subsequently, analysed under a microscope. Then the respirable fibres are counted over a specific filter area using phase-contrast microscopy, and the final result allows for establishing whether a dwelling has a latent asbestos problem or not. Unfortunately, people are often not aware of the fact that they have some materials which have already become friable and can pose a serious health risk.

Running a test like this is bound to reveal such problems and raise awareness of the safety of a living space. This method is tried and tested for checking the efficiency of asbestos removal action – it allows to measure the concentration of the fibres and see if the clean-up process was thorough enough, to the extent that no one is at risk anymore. In cases such as these, the professionals’ help can prove to be invaluable as they have all the necessary gear for conducting such examinations.

Moreover, it is also advisable to have your flat cleaned if you have removed your asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) by yourself. Although it is not recommended, we know that people tend to attempt to solve the problem on their own. In such cases, we believe it is of paramount importance to have air testing conducted as there is no warranty that such an unassisted removal venture was successful enough not to pose any more risks. There are a couple of air tests that could be carried out in order to determine the asbestos presence in an area.

The specific kinds of these tests differ when it comes to the moment of their application. For instance, the background air test is conducted before any other activity aiming to identify the presence of the material in a given location is executed. That can reveal a hidden problem that could generate significant issues related to asbestos exposure. Among others, one can find ailments of the respiratory tract such as breathing difficulties or serious illnesses like lung cancer or various other incurable diseases. Conducting air tests should thus especially draw the attention of people living in buildings erected between the 1920s and 1990s.

What is asbestos air testing?

Asbestos air testing, or air monitoring, is a method of examining an air sample from a given place and identifying the level of safety or the asbestos fibres content in the air.

How is it conducted?

Unfortunately, there is no way of carrying such a test using DIY methods, since it requires expertise and certification to be able to conduct it. A specifically designed equipment operates to extract an air sample which is then assessed to calculate the degree of asbestos contamination of a given area.

When shall I carry asbestos air testing?

If you believe there might be anything made of asbestos in your dwelling, it is best you have your place tested for asbestos particles present in the air to have certainty that you live or work in a safe area.

What are the major reasons for conducting air monitoring?

  • Asbestos Background Air Testing: this is commonly performed prior to any activities are carried out that may affect asbestos and create contamination of the air.
  • Asbestos Personal Testing: also known as personal sampling; this type of test is performed to examine the air breathed by the individuals working with asbestos. Its aim is to verify control limits and their effectiveness.
  • Asbestos Leakage Air Testing: this is conducted outside the asbestos enclosure to determine if the control measures are appropriate and ensure safety for those who do not work with asbestos.
  • Asbestos Reassurance Air testing: a test that is usually carried in a place where is a suspicion of asbestos fibres floating in the air, for example after finished asbestos removal process or after disturbing asbestos in a given location.

Aforementioned kinds of asbestos air tests are conducted on demand for various organisations. Whatever your concern about asbestos presence or disturbance is, you ought not to handle this issue by yourself. Whether it is a matter of eliminating the risk of inhaling asbestos particles while working with this hazardous substance or the matter of leakage or certification of completed asbestos removal project, you shall contact Blue A Ltd, a licensed contractor, with the expertise to perform needed tests and monitoring of your dwelling. Why is essential to have an asbestos fibre air test done? To assure that there is no risk of asbestos exposure, it is vital to test and monitor the air for the presence of airborne asbestos fibres. Contact professionals, If you want to:

  • Check if there is no leakage throughout ongoing asbestos removal
  • Ascertain that there is no hazard for the health and well-being of anyone working with asbestos
  • Verify the effectiveness of asbestos removal procedure

Can asbestos be present in the air for a long time?

The average duration is approximately 48-72 hours since asbestos fibres are extremely lightweight and their shape allows them to be easily carried by the air, providing the air is still in a given place. Otherwise, however, the asbestos fibres may be airborne even longer.

Need help with dealing with asbestos?

If you have any questions concerning asbestos air testing or removal, please, feel free to contact us! Blue A Ltd is a certified expert in this industry and will help you choose the best solution to eliminate the risk posed by asbestos in your dwelling and provide you with a comprehensive service including asbestos air tests, removal and counselling. Contact Us 

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