Asbestos Removal: Keeping Tenants and Employees Safe

Asbestos is a type of hazardous material. Asbestos fibres can stay in the air for hours, making it easy for employees at the workplace to inhale them. Prolonged contact with the material can lead to serious problems and in the worst cases, death. The material can lead to asbestosis, a chronic lung disease, lung cancer, mesothelioma which is a rare and sadly an aggressive type of cancer. Exposure to asbestos can also result in pleural thickening, making it difficult for employees to breathe.

Asbestos in the Workplace

If you own a commercial property and rent it out, then you have a responsibility to ensure you provide your tenants with a safe environment. If you are an employer, your employees have a right to expect a safe and asbestos-free working environment. Either way, given the risks that asbestos exposure can lead to, it is of the highest importance that you ensure your employees are safe and protected from this hazard. You can start by hiring a commercial asbestos survey and removal service.

Survey and Removal Service

The survey team takes in samples of materials from your office and checks them for the presence of asbestos. When they determine how high the content is and if it requires licensed contractors to remove, then hiring a removal service must go next on your list. Tips to deal with commercial asbestos removal should include, first and foremost, choosing an asbestos stripping company to get the job done for you. The company must be registered with the HSE. That is one way to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate company. The company must also get in touch with the Environment Agency to report the removal of the asbestos from your property, says the Wyre Council.

Choosing the Right One

One good thing to remember before you choose a service is to look into the company’s previous performance. Do a thorough research on the company. If it has been cited for safety violations in the past, you might wish to consider another one. If you already know someone who has dealt with asbestos removal in his or her property, ask for a referral. You might find the right contractor or asbestos removal company that would be perfect for your property.

So look after the safety of your tenants or employees. Hire an asbestos survey and removal service to ensure your property is asbestos-free. Need help? Call us now.