Asbestos Removal: What You Need to Know

Asbestos can lead to a range of health problems. Highly toxic, it has been widely used as a building material and was a staple in many construction sites up until the 1980s. If you have a commercial property, building or house built after the year 2000, then the is unlikely to have any asbestos content, says the UK Health and Safety Executive. However, if the structure was built before 2000, it might contain traces or demonstrate a considerable presence of asbestos content.

Asbestos Risks

Asbestos is not actually toxic unless it is disturbed. When it is, it releases fibres into the air that your tenants, employees or family can inhale. These fibres can cause a number of serious medical conditions and complications, the worst of which is death. Considering how devastating the results can be, it is only right that you ensure there is zero asbestos in your home, building or property. If you run a business, on the other hand, then you have a responsibility to your employees to provide them with a safe work environment, one without the risk of asbestos exposure.

Asbestos Survey

If you suspect there is asbestos in the property, the first step is to hire a survey company. They take care of the testing of samples taken the site. They can check for the asbestos content and recommend a course of action. If the results come up positive for asbestos content, the next thing to do is hire an asbestos removal company.

Asbestos Removal

Start your search right. Look for licensed asbestos removal companies in London. That way, you know you are dealing with a legitimate business. Ask about their past experience but do not rely on them to supply you with all the information you need. Do your research as well. Do not go into this blind. To make sure you hire an asbestos stripping company you can trust, check their previous performance and record if they have one. If you have heard of rumours that the company violated safety regulations in the past, you might want to consider other choices.

Go for a company with trained staff, who know and follow proper removal procedures. They should also have the proper tools and gear to get the job done.

You might have asbestos in your home, property or workplace. Eliminate the risks by asking for a removal service today. Need our help? Get in touch with us at Blue A for more details.