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We are a  HSE  licensed asbestos removal company with an Environmental Agency waste carriers licence. We can not only remove asbestos,  but help with the  reinstatement as well.

Majority of corrugated cement roofs built before the year 2000 contain asbestos, as the final ban was not implemented until  1999.
Standard  size of a domestic single car garage is approx.  15sqm.
Typical asbestos  single car garage roof removal costs  approx. £680 + VAT.  The garage needs to be empty prior to our arrival on site, however, should the customer require assistance with either emptying or disposal of the belongings, this can be arranged at a further cost.  Once removal is completed, the garage is exposed and ready for re-roofing. We can provide a temporary cover upon request but would not usually be required as the reinstatement works for a roof like this are completed within 1-2 days.
The most common roof reinstatement we provide is with a single layer metal sheet in olive green, however,  within the same price range we can also replace it with a  non-asbestos cement sheets alternative.
Typical 15sqm metal roof reinstatement  costs approx. £2050 + VAT and comes with anti-condensation layer.
Some customers opt to have their metal roofs insulated. This provides thermal as well as acoustic insulation. This option typically incurs additional charge of approx. £600+VAT  for a 80mm insulation, as per the picture below.

Why use a HSE licensed asbestos contractor? 
We are trained
We possess the necessary equipment
We  environmentally clean the removal area of any debris
We dispose of the waste at a licensed hazardous waste landfill
We provide all legal documentation and store relevant copies for up to 40 years

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Imagine a typical scenario – moving into a house or a flat which you have dreamed about for a long time. Still high on adrenaline rush, you make grand plans about furnishing it, redecorating and giving a new purpose to this space you will occupy for the next couple of years. Not many people in such situations decide to run thorough tests to check aspects such as asbestos presence. And, believe it or not, that problem is far from being an ancient story in the UK and in the majority of countries all over the world.

Notwithstanding the fact that it was officially banned between the 1980s and 1990s, the asbestos removal process was not comprehensive and this material still resides in a lot of dwellings. What makes matters worse, time is asbestos’s enemy and it often leads to serious problems with crumbling and disintegration. That should not come as a surprise that there are now companies which specialize in getting rid of asbestos in piping, roofing materials, floors and other parts of buildings. This short text will describe the process of removing this material from yet another location – garages. Old garages erected around 1980s with a roof may contain asbestos.

In cases like these, the best idea is to have it commissioned to a professional contractor who will be able to provide spotless quality without overburdening your budget. You might want to ask – but why do I need them? Is it not something I can take care of myself and save this couple hundred quid? Theoretically, you can but the question is whether a risk like that should be taken. There are professionals who have learned all the ropes in that profession and will take care of both the removal but also the subsequent disposal so that you do not have to lose more time contacting your local council. Reputable companies will carefully remove the corrugated parts of the roof and ensure they do not crumble or deteriorate to the extent that would release the toxic dust.

CHAS Approved Contractor

Depending on the size of the building, there may or may not be a need to have a skip ready for waste removal. The process usually could be divided into a couple of steps: first asbestos has to be identified. It is really essential as sometimes it cannot be recognized with the naked eye and has to be investigated by professionals with years of experience. If it turns out that a given material indeed is health-threatening, a plan for the removal is drafted. Sometimes, however, getting rid of it completely is not financially justifiable and a mere encapsulation of the suspected elements could be enough to last years to come.

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Is it legal to carry asbestos removal by yourself?

From a legal point of view, owners of buildings may remove asbestos by themselves, however, we urge our clients to entrust this task to professionals. Breathing asbestos fibres in poses a threat to one’s health, and even a small disturbance of asbestos may cause them to float in the air, and thus, become highly hazardous for people dwelling in or near contaminated area. Hence, if you believe that there might be any material containing asbestos or you are aware that the asbestos has been disturbed, please contact a licensed asbestos removal company.

How much does it cost to get rid of asbestos from a garage?

Note that the following prices are only roughly approximated and are subject to various added costs like VAT or distance. The cost depends on a type of work that needs to be done, it starts from £680 for asbestos removal from 15 sqm garage cement roof or from £780 for getting rid of asbestos from cement garage ceiling of the same surface. If you want to learn the exact cost, please feel free to contact us.

How can I get rid of asbestos roofing material?

You can remove it using a flat pry bar. Begin from the top and remember that the removed material should be kept wet, and afterwards, disposed to inappropriate waste bag (preferably sealed plastic one) at a hazardous waste landfill.

Is it legal to carry asbestos removal by myself?

It is legal for householders in numerous areas; however, it is legally restricted for non-commercial residential properties. If you are not sure whether this job needs a licensed contractor, contact us – we will answer all your questions.

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