Asbestos Wall Removal

Asbestos Wall Removal London

Asbestos used to be perceived as one of the most resistant and affordable material throughout the large part of the twentieth century. It was massively implemented in millions of constructions all over the UK but also worldwide and could be found in elements such as piping or roofing. However, around the 1980s it turned out that that particular material can trigger severe diseases such as lung cancer or asbestosis. Even though it was banned from use millions of people are still blissfully unaware of the danger they may be facing, for example, living in a building erected a couple of decades ago. One of the areas where asbestos was used are walls and, understandably, it is often difficult to assess whether your building contains any of it without conducting a professional and thorough analysis.

Fortunately, there are companies and individuals with ample expertise to help you dispel all the doubts you may have on that topic. Read on and learn how can we help in removing asbestos from your walls. First of all, it has to be pointed out at the very beginning that if you believe that your dwelling may contain that material, you should not make any attempts at investigating this issue on your own. While there are numerous accounts of people who describe how to get rid of asbestos, the number of risks involved is too great to be so reckless. Thus we advise having your area surveyed by a licenced professional who will either confirm your doubts or put them to bed. These contractors are usually qualified to recognize the types of asbestos and draft any plans for its removal, if necessary.

The survey should consist of stating the type of the asbestos, its condition and the safest ways to avoid the potential danger. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not always necessary to have this material removed (from areas such as walls), sometimes it is possible to just encapsulate it so that its condition is preserved. While browsing for professional contractors who will do the job for you, there are a couple of aspects you should pay attention to. Most of all, it is crucial for the removal team to be clean on the job and use professional tools such as HEPA hoovers which should remove all the remaining dust. Also, getting rid of asbestos in walls needs to be arranged in such a way that no one is at risk of inhaling the toxic fibres. Their impact can be delayed even for 30 years which makes all the safety measures all the more justifiable. If these risks can be avoided, why even consider taking them?

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