Asbestos exposure offers significant health and safety risks that must be controlled or eradicated as soon as feasible. If your facility requires asbestos identification, an industrial safety consulting firm will do the inspection. The asbestos may need to be safely removed or managed depending on the examination findings. The asbestos survey London should be distinct from any clearance contracting companies employed to remove asbestos.

111 1 - Asbestos Survey: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About It

What Is An Asbestos Survey?

An asbestos survey seeks to document and detect asbestos-containing materials in a structure, particularly before demolition or rehabilitation work. It also entails calculating how much ACMs must be removed to prevent upsetting them and removing asbestos fibres into the air. As a result, accessibility on the property during demolition or renovation is minimised.

Why Is The Asbestos Survey Important?

Apart from preventive measures, asbestos survey London assist firms in avoiding unanticipated expenses and delays and guide them through necessary remedial steps.

● Due diligence: Asbestos surveys for risk management are part of your legal obligations, particularly if you work in construction. Some rules and regulations require asbestos assessments for structures that are being demolished or renovated. This keeps asbestos fibres from inhaling by employees and building occupants. Furthermore, many building departments will only grant permits if an asbestos survey is done.

● Unexpected cost and delay prevention: Asbestos survey reports can also help you plan renovations properly, particularly if you are a buyer. If you do not undertake an asbestos survey, you may incur unanticipated costs and delays due to asbestos-containing items, which may compromise the feasibility of your project.

● Guidance for mitigation: Asbestos testing by sampling and lab analysis is the only means to identify asbestos because it cannot be detected through visual inspection. If the existence of asbestos is verified, the accurate results can assist you in determining how to remove or manage the asbestos in the building properly.

When Should You Go For An Asbestos Survey?

Proper investigation often requires asbestos surveys. A licensed asbestos inspection professional, like asbestos survey London, must conduct an on-site evaluation before undertaking any reconstruction, asbestos abatement, demolition, or other action that may impact suspect material.

This inspection is mandated by federal laws and regulations established by OSHA and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as several state rules and local codes.

Furthermore, asbestos assessments can be performed on structures suspected of being damaged by earlier floods or catastrophic events that may have endangered the building's structure.

How Long Does An Asbestos Survey Take?

An on-site assessment may require only a few hours for small projects or several days for larger structures. The inspector will require complete access to all areas and spaces in the facility, and more inspections may be required. Regular laboratory analysis takes 3 to 10 days following site work, with speed or emergency responses available for significant premium prices.

How Is The Asbestos Survey Report Made?

The following should be included in an asbestos survey report:

● Name of the surveyor

● The survey's summary

● Information about the website

● Date of the survey, scope, methodology, and main findings

● Information about the laboratory that is performing the specimen analysis

● Overall suggestions and conclusions

● Any survey limitations

● Other important details


Only certified asbestos consultants like asbestos survey London should conduct asbestos surveys, which include sampling and laboratory analysis.

For environmental testing services, the asbestos testing firm should demonstrate the necessary experience, licencing, and professional liability insurance coverage.