Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Sampling and Testing

Sometimes it happens so that the full asbestos survey of your dwelling is not required and there is only one suspected area. In such cases, we often restrict our activity to asbestos sampling and testing only. These two steps are actually crucial if you want to receive a reliable estimation of the planned works and make sure that there are no asbestos remnants left. Using Blue A Ltd services you can expect to receive the results within 48 hours.

We can usually price around 80% of jobs without the need for a site visit. In most cases we only need:

  • Client details
  • Address
  • Measurements of the product
  • Location within the building
  • Pictures (usually close-up of the product, picture of the whole product and picture of the space around it).

This information is invaluable when it comes to pricing. When inquiring about hours please ensure this information is provided so we can send you the most accurate, hassle-free quote as quickly as possible. If all relevant information is supplied we aim to provide a quote or estimate in as little as two hours.



Prices for Asbestos Testing

Site visit with 1 sample £130
Every additional sample while on site £25

Please be advised that these prices serve only as a guide and are subject to VAT. Please contact us for an accurate cost. All samples are analysed by our accredited laboratory and returned within 24-48 hours.


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How the asbestos samples are collected?

Since safety always comes first, any risk of disturbing asbestos should be minimized prior to sampling. To achieve that a material from which the sample is about to be taken should be sprayed with water with some kind of detergent (couple drops are enough). Then the sample is taken and put into a dry and clean ziplock bag.

Asbestos laboratory

We test and analyse samples in our Asbestos Testing Laboratory, which is UKAS accredited for comprehensive and thorough services concerning sampling and testing asbestos service. The accreditation is a warranty of the utmost quality control and flexibility to our clients’ needs. If your dwelling requires sampling, you can take the sample to our laboratory or contact us to arrive at your location and take a sample.

How much is it for getting asbestos tested?

Lab work and site visit with 1 sample costs £130, while each additional sample on-site costs £25. Note that, the price should be individually estimated, since these serve only as a guide, and also they are subject to VAT.

When will I know the asbestos test results?

The samples are first analysed by our accredited specialists, therefore it takes approximately 24-48 hours to get the results.

May I undergo tests for asbestos exposure?

Yes, the chest x-ray is needed to determine if a patient may have contracted any kind of asbestos-related diseases. The x-ray provides the information about first symptoms of lung disease caused by the exposure to asbestos, however, it cannot identify asbestos fibres in one’s lungs.

High standard asbestos sampling and testing

At our asbestos testing laboratory, we are able to determine, isolate and calculate the amount of any kind of asbestos, for example, Actinolite, Amosite, Anthophyllite, Chrysotile, Crocidolite or Tremolite. Our specialised team conducts tests aiming to assess the asbestos presence in nearly all materials like soil or vermiculite, as well as cement, floor and ceiling tiles or insulating materials.

How to test for asbestos presence in a house?

First of all, the material from which a sample is to be taken need to be wet to prevent asbestos fibres release and then a small area of material is cut with a special tool to extract the sample. Afterwards, the required sample is placed into a clean sealed bag and taken to our laboratory to undergo meticulous tests.

Does my house have asbestos-containing materials?

It is possible if you live in a building erected before 1980 since back then asbestos was widely utilised in building industry in numerous things such as roofs (including siding or flashing), vinyl sheeting, pipe cement, floor and ceiling tiles, insulation (for elements like fireplaces, pipes, boilers, sheeting, ducts), or drywall and joint compound. Although the asbestos use was banned in the ‘70s, there might be some asbestos-containing materials in a house built after the ‘80s.

There is no better way to ascertain that you dwelling has asbestos or rule that possibility out than to hire professionals to conduct a full-blown sampling. It is not recommended to attempt collecting the samples without any previous experience with asbestos or, worse still, without proper safety measures in place. It should thus be made clear that any individual attempts aimed at specifying the kind of material are burdened with risk that we definitely discourage you from taking. Moreover, the best guarantee that the contractors hired can be relied on is the accreditation of your local council. Blue A Ltd surely meets this requirement.

Let us state this from the onset – asbestos testing should only be handled by professionals. However innocuous this substance can seem, it is truly deadly and any kind of careless exposure to its dust is nothing but asking for trouble. Testing should be organized in every kind of building that was created between 1920s and 1980s as these constructions used this chemical to the biggest extent for purposes such as insulation, piping or as a fire retardant. If you have any suspicion that your dwelling may contain asbestos, there is absolutely no point in waiting. Do not roll the dice and have it tested!


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