Certified Asbestos Demolition Contractors in London

If you plan on demolition and the building was built from 1930-1989 you will need certified asbestos demolition contractors in London. Asbestos was often used during this time period in pipe lagging, ceiling tiles, textured coatings and even as insulation. Demolition can easily upset the asbestos and release the harmful particles into the air causing fatal lung illness. A demolition team that is certified and that follows the HSE guidelines can easily deal with the asbestos.

Do You Have to Use Asbestos Demolition Contractors?

Yes, you do. If you suspect that your property has asbestos it is your responsibility to ensure that your demolition is done without causing a potential public health threat. You will have to have a survey done that will gauge the amount of asbestos and plan the removal BEFORE the demolition can begin.

Asbestos is a Threat and You Are Responsible

Asbestos is a well-known threat to public health. If your property was built before 1989 and after 1930 there is a very strong probability that it has asbestos lurking somewhere. As a property owner, you can be liable for proceeding without the proper services.

Call for Professional Help

The pros can help you get rid of your asbestos problem. A professional team will:

  • Know what to look for
  • Survey your property
  • Provide you with a plan
  • Remove all asbestos
  • Handle the documentation
  • Handle the environmental cleanup
  • Do it all safely

If you suspect that your property may have asbestos it is best if you let the pros handle it. They will know what to look for and be able to survey your property properly. They have the experience to provide you with a plan for removal and handle your demolition work. Once they have all the asbestos out of the way the demolition can commence and you will not have to worry about any public health threats. A certified team will be able to take care of all the documentation and make sure no asbestos remains behind. Calling a professional is by far the best way to deal with an asbestos issue. If you suspect that you may be dealing with property that has some asbestos you can call Blue A LTD for pricing information and to arrange for a survey. Once you know the status of the property you will be able to move forward with confidence.