Choose a Reputable Asbestos Testing Service in London

Companies that deal with asbestos offer a range of services these days, which both residents and businesses in London and the surrounding areas can benefit from. This includes services such as surveys and inspections, removal of the material, collection of waste, and safe disposal of this hazardous material. Another key service that is offered is an asbestos testing service, which is an important part of determining the scale of any asbestos problem so that the proper action can be taken.

Of course, anyone suspecting that this material poses a danger in their London home or place of business will want to get asbestos testing service providers on board as quickly as possible. This means that testing can be carried out with minimal delays and that the results can be received with speed and efficiency. This then means that a plan of action can be put into place with regards to the next step.

How Blue A Ltd can help

At Blue A Ltd, we are able to offer a very swift yet highly professional and efficient asbestos testing service. You won’t have to wait around in order to get the tests carried out at your property and we are able to offer a number of options to our customers. We offer a standard turnaround of just 48 hours on our testing so there is very little waiting around involved. However, we can also provide a 24-hour turnaround if you are looking for faster results and there is even an emergency sampling service where you can get the results on the same day.

The sampling and testing is generally carried out in cases where a full asbestos survey is not deemed necessary, such as in places where there are concerns about a small area rather than a building. In situations such as this, a small sample is taken from any area of suspicion and this is removed from a discreet section in order to cause minimal aesthetic damage. The sample taken is then sent off for analysis to a UKAS accredited laboratory where the testing takes place.

24-hour Survey turnaround

Once the results come back in, you can make a more informed decision about your next step based on the outcome. Our experts can also offer advice and assistance every step of the way, as in addition to testing we also offer a range of other expert services relating to asbestos.