Choosing an Experienced Asbestos Survey Company in London

If you suspect that you may have asbestos in your London property, if you are carrying out major refurbishments, or if a building is being demolished, it is important to have a professional survey carried out. A survey is designed to enhance safety and minimise the risk of people being exposed to dust and fibres from this potentially deadly material. Asbestos is not harmful when it is intact and in good condition but damage and disturbance can result in the release of dust and fibres. These, in turn, can lead to serious health problems as a result of inhalation.

Fully licensed and insured

By arranging for an asbestos survey company official to come out to your London home or business premises you can ensure that the presence of this material is identified. This then means that decisions can be made with regards to managing or acting upon asbestos issues. As an experienced and highly reputable asbestos survey company, Blue A Ltd. is able to offer a number of survey options designed to meet different needs. This includes a standard Management survey or a Refurbishment/Demolition survey.

Why choose an experienced provider

There are many key reasons why you should choose an experienced asbestos service company such as Blue A Ltd to assess your London property. Some of the reasons why people decide to come to us include:

  • Expertise: When it comes to something as important as identifying a hazardous material such as this, you need to ensure that you choose professionals with a high level of expertise. This means that they will have the necessary training, knowledge and skills to do a thorough job when it comes to locating asbestos in your property.
  • Peace of mind: People also want to be able to benefit from peace of mind when it comes to locating signs of asbestos in the home or business premises. This peace of mind and reassurance comes from using a provider that is experienced and has a long background in providing services in this specialised field.
  • Reputation: For a job as important as this, it is vital that you choose a provider that has a solid background and an excellent reputation. Making sure that the company is also HSE licensed and has accreditation can provide further peace of mind when it comes to reputation.

At Blue A Ltd, we can offer all of these benefits as well as a variety of additional services.