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It is extremely important to assign the right people for these works. All asbestos materials vary in removal method and risk of exposure. As a fully licensed contractor governed by the HSE we are required to possess all specialist equipment and implement safe removal methods, which are being frequently monitored and audited both by HSE and Asbestos Removal Contractor Association (ARCA).

Specialists in Asbestos Removal

Blue A LTD are one of the premier contractors offering Asbestos Removal, Asbestos Surveying, Sampling & Testing as well as Asbestos Collection & Disposal services across London and South East. Our staff are fully trained and all the works are carried out in accordance with HSE and Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. We have experience of working within the industry and are able to offer quick and professional services at competitive rates.

Let Our Professional Staff Assist You with Asbestos Removal

Working with asbestos is a serious matter, which is why our staff is knowledgeable and trained to safely collect, remove, and dispose of asbestos. We follow the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines and are extremely affordable. If you have an asbestos problem, you can’t afford not to call us today!

Asbestos Survey & Testing Services

If you are unsure if your home or business has asbestos, call Blue A Ltd for asbestos surveying and sampling & testing. We will conduct one of our surveys, depending on whether the structure is being refurbished or demolished or if you only want to check for the presence of asbestos.