Artex is a textured coating used on the ceilings and walls of many houses. It was a popular choice in many homes and offices. Artex contains asbestos and other harmful chemicals that pose serious health risks. The presence of asbestos in artex is considered a major health hazard, and it is required to be removed from the artex.

Asbestos in Artex - Exploring the Health Risks of Asbestos in Artex

Here, we will discuss the major health hazards that can be caused by Asbestos in artex.

Asbestos Content

Some older formulations of Artex contained asbestos fibres, generally chrysotile asbestos. These are mainly added to provide strength, fire resistance, and durability to the artex. The proper coating contains a proportionate amount of asbestos; therefore, these pose health hazards for the people.

The composition of Asbestos is one of the major health risk factors for many people, and thus, these are required to be removed.

Airborne Asbestos Fibres

During any kind of drilling, sanding, or any sort of renovation activities, the fibres of asbestos in Artex can be released. These are the primary sources of exposure when inhaled and can cause several health issues. The release of asbestos in an airborne process and the affected person can suffer from asbestos poisoning.

They must consult with the required health professionals if they suspect any sort of asbestos inhalation.

Respiratory Diseases

Atrex that are coated with asbestos can lead to the release of asbestos fibres, and chronic exposure can lead to serious respiratory diseases like asbestosis. These have long-term potency inside the body with breathing difficulties, and other symptoms may not appear for a long period of time.

For some people, the symptoms may appear, and for other people, they may be asymptomatic and can have serious health issues leading to fatal causes like death.

Lung Cancer

Exposure of asbestos in artex into the air is the major cause of lung cancer. Smokers with additional prolonged exposure to asbestos fibres have a high risk of getting affected with lung cancer.

Lung cancer has a long-term potency in the body and can show symptoms at the final stage. Thereby encompassing life-threatening risk of the affected person due to prolonged exposure to asbestos.


Prolonged exposure to asbestos in artex can cause asbestosis, which is a progressive and irreversible lung condition. It results in scarring of lung tissues, leading to difficulty in breathing and reduced ability of the proper functioning of the lungs.

Asbestosis can affect both adults and children; hence, the asbestos fibres are required to be removed by professionals from the artex.


It is a serious and rare aggressive cancer that damages the lining of the lungs., abdomen, and other internal organs. This is primarily caused by asbestos exposure and other additional toxic chemicals.


The major cause of asbestos exposure is lung cancer and other respiratory disorders that can have a serious impact on the life of an affected individual. Therefore, people should not prefer to coat their roofs with asbestos in artex. If there are any asbestos fibres present, then those should be discarded quickly to maintain a healthy environment.