Thin, closely packed fibers make up the naturally occurring material known as asbestos. Because of its durability, asbestos was once widely utilized in producing insulation, fireproofing, and other building materials. Unfortunately, asbestos in Artex has been shown to offer a significant health concern when its fibers become airborne and loose. To guarantee the safety of those utilizing the building, have the damaged or asbestos-containing materials repaired or removed by a contractor if asbestos is found.

asbestos surveying 1 - Guide to Clean Asbestos in Artex

Signs of Asbestos

Find out when the questioned building was built. Asbestos in Artex was extensively utilized before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started to regulate products containing asbestos. Although it can also be found in some textiles, hair dryers, gas heaters, and car brakes, asbestos is most frequently found in buildings.

Check for any indications that any asbestos materials have been disturbed. By simply looking at an item, you cannot determine if it contains asbestos. Instead, keep an eye out for tell-tale symptoms of material degradation in construction. When asbestos is in good condition, it is not hazardous, but when it deteriorates, and the fibers escape into the air, it becomes toxic. Check for indications of worn-out or damaged older materials.

Decide if the region needs to be tested. Since asbestos is only dangerous when airborne, you might not need to have the area tested if you don't notice any evidence of construction materials deteriorating. However, you should choose to have the site tested by a qualified professional to test for and handle asbestos safely if you notice any indicators of deteriorating materials.

Having the Area Tested

Speak with an EPA-approved contractor with experience managing asbestos, trained and licensed to analyze the suspected particles and submit the needed paperwork to the EPA. [6] If you were to gather the samples yourself, you would still be required to introduce them to an EPA-certified laboratory for analysis and to provide them with your protective equipment for disposal.

Prepare the Area for the Test

Before the authorized contractor performs the test, take a few precautions to guarantee everyone's safety because testing for asbestos can disturb the material and create a hazard.

Understanding the Testing Process

A specific procedure will be followed to ensure maximum safety when you engage an EPA-certified contractor to visit your home to test for asbestos. Anyone in the room while testing should don protective gear, including a face mask with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, protective gloves, boots, and garments that can be removed after collecting samples.

Dealing With Asbestos

Make the damaged substance whole again. When making repairs to asbestos-containing materials, the area is often covered or sealed to stop the release of fibers into the air. It may seem unusual to fix something rather than remove it when such a harmful carcinogen is present, but repair is the safest action. While mending the materials to contain the asbestos in Artex enables you to live with them safely, removing the materials tends to upset them more, increasing the risk to your health.