Research and observation revealed that asbestos fibres can damage the respiratory system fatally over time. Its effects don’t become apparent immediately, but when detected, one cannot do much to save the affected person.

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If asbestos materials are disturbed, the fibres become airborne, and one can inhale them. Old buildings and structures due for refurbishment may contain asbestos, and unregulated demolition can spread asbestos indiscriminately. It is worthwhile to call upon the expert services of the most recommended asbestos survey company.

Why should you conduct an asbestos survey?

Asbestos is used in different things and is widely applied in different countries. In developed countries like the UK, asbestos was mainly used in building materials (ceiling and floor tiles, roofing shingles, asbestos cement products, and paper products), friction apparatuses (brake, transmission parts, and automobile clutches), packaging products, gaskets, coatings, and heat resistant fabrics.

Now, people using or in contact with these materials are constantly exposed to inhaling this material, which can give rise to serious health consequences. Asbestos poisoning doesn’t provide any indication or quick symptoms after the first contact. Many of these cases were detected after 40 years of exposure, resulting in a seriously damaged respiratory system and a significant reduction of the affected person’s life expectancy.

People living in areas with asbestos buildings or other structures are in constant danger. So, it is immensely important to call upon the most effective asbestos survey agency, which can locate these materials successfully and eliminate them quickly.

What are the asbestos survey types?

An Asbestos Survey is an examination that provides detailed information about any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), including their condition, location, and quantity. The most proficient company offer the following survey types to get proper information about asbestos:

• Management survey

This non-intrusive process aims to locate the ACMs and evaluate their state. It is a standing legal requirement for non-domestic property holders (i.e., industrial and commercial premises) and has gained popularity with home buyers and sellers alike. A surveyor can determine whether the suspected area contains asbestos and how much of it is there if it’s present. The builder or developer can then make a proper decision about it.

• Renovation and destruction survey (RDS)

Suppose you want to tear down an old building and create a new one. Then, you must perform an RDS before attempting any major remodelling. These surveys are quite invasive and determine whether any significant change in the existing buildings’ construction will not cause an asbestos fibre release. This asbestos survey reveals the apparent structures and possible asbestos-containing products hidden within the building fabric. The data helps decide on the future action according to the amount of asbestos present.

• Combination of both

The surveyor can combine both of the surveys mentioned above. However, it must be performed within a localized area only.

In conclusion

The most recommended company will ensure the precise identification of the possible ACM sites and help the surveyor determine the time and effort it would take to remove the hazardous material. Therefore, whether you are a commercial building owner or looking to build your home after demolishing an old house, you should contact the most experienced asbestos survey agency.