Paying for Asbestos Surveying in London Before Demolition Work

Does your property look like it needs an update or a style overhaul? If so, you may be thinking about calling in the demolition team to knock down existing structures and transform the space. Before you do this, it’s important that you stop and think about the health and safety dangers associated with disturbing a space that may contain asbestos. When the tiny fibres are disturbed and released into the atmosphere, your lungs could suffer and the length of your life shortened! Don’t let yourself be one of the 20 people who die from asbestos exposure every week – take action by hiring experts for asbestos surveying in London.

What is a Pre-Demolition Survey?

There are various types of asbestos surveying in London that an asbestos abatement team will be trained to carry out. One of them is a pre-demolition survey, which should take place prior to any demolition work commencing. During demolition, it’s possible for many areas of a property to be demolished, from the roofing to the flooring. Once widely used for the construction of these things, asbestos could still remain and so, the experts who perform the survey will test materials to determine whether or not removal must take place. At this time, the air will be tested and monitored to make sure exposure isn’t a serious issue.

How Will Asbestos Be Recovered from the Property?

If asbestos surveying in London shows that the hazardous material is present, the team will don special clothing and use personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of gloves, goggles and overalls to handle the asbestos carefully, double-bag it and dispose of it in a sealed waste container. Expect them to clean up as they go and to use machinery, such as type H vacuum cleaners, to suck up dust and lose debris that may otherwise settle elsewhere.