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Asbestos Removal Contractors in Abbots Langley

If you have just purchased a property that was built between the 1940s and the 1970s, there is a good chance that your property is contaminated with asbestos. It is a fibrous mineral that can cause serious lung conditions and can sometimes be fatal. Blue A has years of experience in asbestos removal and understands just how important it is to tackle the problem safely and effectively. Instead of putting your family or even contractors at risk, call Blue A and let us fix the problem. We are asbestos sampling specialists in Abbots Langley who can safely sample the asbestos and determine how serious the problem truly is.

Safe Asbestos Testing and Removal

When asbestos is found in a structure, it needs to be handled delicately and with extreme caution. Before you begin any construction on a demolition project or property purchase, it is imperative that you have the structure tested for asbestos. It is time to rely on an asbestos survey contractor with the experience to handle the job. Blue A can test, remove, and safely dispose of any asbestos found in the structure of your home or commercial property. Before the asbestos releases hazardous fibres into the air that can harm anyone who breathes it in, let us assess the situation and create a plan of action based around the severity of your asbestos problem. Our team follows strict protocols to make sure no one is exposed to the dangers of asbestos.

Our Services Include:

  • Location of the asbestos
  • Determination of the type of asbestos
  • Plan of action to remove the asbestos safely
  • Safe and proper disposal of all asbestos found in the structure of your property.

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