Asbestos Removal Amersham

Why is asbestos dangerous?

Getting to know the perils of asbestos should be one of the first steps made before moving into a building erected between the 1940s and 1980s. As indicated by various researches, this material is still one of the biggest threats to safety in your closest surroundings as it can vastly contribute to diseases such as asbestosis or lung cancer. No matter how strict the regulations are today, there is still a considerable amount of asbestos residing in thousands of Amersham homes that should be immediately got rid of. And do not be fooled by the fact that it might appear like an issue of the past, it is still the topic that pops up in various media outlets every now and again. Luckily, Blue A is fully aware of the risks that accompany asbestos handling and lifelong exposure to it. Moreover, it offers you a comprehensive range of services that will help you extract that noxious mineral from your proximity.

Blue A Ltd – help with asbestos

Inhaling the unsafe chemicals containing asbestos can bring about tumour, mesothelioma, and different infections and conditions. If you happen to have recently acquired or moved into a home or office that was constructed before 2000, then you absolutely need to consult specialists on asbestos testing and sampling to rule out the possibility of it being present in your flat our house. And here is where Blue Ltd comes to help: we can offer you a full audit of your dwelling and test the condition of asbestos to verify its condition and dangerousness.

How much does it cost?

It is genuinely difficult to come up with a universal price-tag for services that vary so much in terms of scope. Every commission we receive is carefully scrutinized and analysed from multiple angles so that the customer is presented with the most cost-efficient solution. We are usually ready to present the quotes soon after we have done all our tests and samples – it is then possible to draft a tentative cost of the removal procedure. So please do contact us and do not lose sleep over your roof or piping you think may contain asbestos!