Asbestos Removal Bletchley

Is asbestos still popular?

When it comes to asbestos handling, it is absolutely crucial to make sure that both identification and removal are attempted correctly and in compliance with all the guidelines. After all, when asbestos becomes friable and crumpled, toxic dust is released into the air and that is one of the biggest threats related to this material. People exposed to it can develop very severe ailments of the respiratory tract and then contract diseases such as asbestosis or lung cancer. Sounds like something you’ve heard before? Sure, but without checking it properly, you cannot be sure that you are not in danger yourself. This article is aimed at raising awareness of all the possible implications of exposure and presents the best tips for its safe extraction.

Asbestos in construction

After so many years we still get sometimes asked: why was asbestos so commonly used in the twentieth century? As it could be expected, this material was simply very durable and affordable which proved to be a perfect match for the construction industry, always eager to economize. It was used in plenty of places, most notably roofs and piping. These utilizations first thought of as a genuine blessing, proved to be a harrowing curse when the analyses of the consequences of asbestos exposure first saw the light of day. It quickly occurred that inhaling the toxic fibres released from the material when it is disturbed or broken can enter the respiratory tract and end up in the lower parts of lungs, causing serious diseases such as lung cancer. After the 1990s worldwide legislative panic, asbestos was banned from further use in new constructions but the removal of existing residues was not entirely successful.

How can we help?

Blue A is a company ready to handle all the challenges related to asbestos removals in Bletchley. A professional, licenced team will go to great lengths to offer a diligent extraction service combined with a subsequent disposal of waste and any released dust. With impeccable credentials and hundreds of satisfied customers, we made this task our vocation. Want to know more? Call us and consult your particular case.