Asbestos Removal Borehamwood

History of asbestos

Up until 1985, asbestos was typically used as a part of a huge variety of building materials for different parts of buildings. This usually included ventilation and various forms of insulation. That is why one has to be really vigilant to handle this material with proper care in order to not contract any dangerous diseases, especially on occasions such as redecorations or demolitions. Thanks to Blue A Ltd’s reliable asbestos removal services, the residents of Borehamwood no longer have to be kept awake at night because of that problem. We offer a comprehensive set of services that will help you forget about that noxious mineral and enjoy living in an environment devoid of dangers!

Asbestos services offered

As a company which specializes in testing and sampling of asbestos, we can decide precisely on what sort of measures need to be taken in order to ensure the total safety of inhabitants and workers. Moreover, we take care of all the necessary aspects of the removal which is the disposal to a destined location, enforcing proper standards and suggesting best asbestos replacements. Inhabitants of the Borehamwood area can also count on special prices and individual approach.

How we act

If you are doubtful whether your dwelling needs asbestos tests, you should absolutely reach out to us in order to have specialists survey your living space. Only the professionals can confirm or rule out the presence of asbestos which is particularly tricky to discover as it often exists in various, mixed forms. Typically, our first step is to make an asbestos sampling and take a piece of the material to make sure that it contains the poisonous material. After that, we estimate the scope of works that need to be performed in order to clear out the dwelling. Our service is very comprehensive, to the extent that you do not have to lose sleep over issues such as the removal, disposal or replacements. Our reliable experts are also at your disposal throughout the process.