Asbestos Removal Chelsea

Why is asbestos unsafe?

Familiarising with the risks of asbestos ought to be one of the first steps made before moving into a building raised in prior to 1990s. It should not be questioned these days that this material is one of the greatest threats that people are exposed to in their home environment. All that happens despite the fact that there is an appropriate legislation in place and theoretically all the asbestos should have long been disposed of. Unfortunately, also the Chelsea area still has some properties whose owners did not see to having their houses, garages or headquarters tested for asbestos presence. So it is extremely important to be mindful about this subject and not fall for the „it’s so historical” fallacy. Asbestos is there and could become deadly anytime. Read on and learn how to avoid it.

How can Blue A be of help?

Inhaling the toxic asbestos dust has been proven to cause a host of diseases, all of them extremely dangerous and sometimes even life-threatening. Who would want to take chances of contracting lung cancer or mesothelioma knowing that there are now companies ready to make this problem go away in hours? If you think that there are even the slimmest chances of your construction containing this material, waiting any longer is taking a bet against your future health. What we mean by that is the fact that when asbestos dilapidates, it releases toxic fibres which then deposit in lungs and can significantly lower your life expectancy. It is thus of primary importance to have appropriate tests done in order to make sure that there are reasons to be concerned and if so, work out the most reliable and safest blueprint of removal.

What’s the cost?

The cost is highly dependent on the scope of work. For example – the quote would be different for a service that includes conducting the tests, removal and subsequent disposal than in more restricted cases. You are highly encouraged to contact our office to discuss your situation and have it estimated in a detailed and customized way.