Asbestos Removal Chesham

How popular is asbestos?

If you live in a flat or a house built prior to 1990s, chances are that your area contains noxious asbestos. However unbelievable that may sound, there are still thousands of places where that issue was not resolved after introducing a nationwide ban. Even more distressing is the fact that this material is sometimes difficult to locate and that it can deteriorate away from view, releasing toxic asbestos dust. Interested to know if your dwelling could be at risk? Read this article.

The history of asbestos use

Imagine a material that is durable, fireproof and extremely affordable. Now picture the times when the construction market was at full swing, hungry for new resources and innovations. That was the era when asbestos came into for and has transformed the industry forever, not always in an unequivocally positive way, as it was later to be discovered. When the first reports of this material’s toxicity started to emerge, it took the governments good couple of years to follow with an appropriate response that would put a stop to the implementation of this substance. And the list of the related diseases can give you a headache – cancer, asthma or other forms of respiratory tract ailments. The list can go on and on but the undeniable fact is that this threat is much more pressing than a lot of people think. In order to ensure the state of your dwelling, there a couple of choices you can explore. First of all, having your dwelling surveyed is generally a good beginning. Such an examination will reveal if there are any grounds for concern and whether some kind of an extraction plan should be drafted. If the asbestos presence is confirmed, usually a decision is made on whether encapsulate the material (i.e. prevent it from further destruction) or simply remove it. Both stages are now also available at Chesham.

How can Blue A help?

A team of genuine professionals at Blue A Ltd is ready to handle all the asbestos-related issues and advise on the best course of action in matters such as identifying asbestos, drafting a removal blueprint or asbestos encapsulation.