Asbestos Removal Egham

What is the risk?

Living in a dwelling that was completed between the 1920s and 1990s can sometimes be tantamount to facing the consequences of the previous generations constructions. High ceilings or outdated concepts are, however, just some innocuous examples of that when compared with one of the biggest threats still present – asbestos. Its use was massive decades ago and, regrettably, it was not fully removed when appropriate legislation was put in place. Residues can be still found in thousands of homes all over the UK. What is especially worrisome is the fact that the elapsing time does not really work in asbestos’ favour – actually, it is quite the contrary. Learn why Blue A is the top of the crop specialists in getting rid of that substance in the region of Egham.

How to handle asbestos safely?

When asbestos is identified in a building, it is of tremendous importance to deal with it with appropriate care. Being reckless could be really counterproductive, especially on occasions such as renovations, when this fibrous material is disturbed and may release toxic particles. There is a body of research indicating that exposure to asbestos is responsible for even up to 5000 deaths per year. Luckily, Blue A can make all this trouble go away. The company is responsible for testing, securing and disposing of any such substances located in a given location. Prior to that, however, proper it always needs to be certified what is the condition of the asbestos and how risky it is. The wealth of expertise we have gathered throughout the years helps us to keep everything in check.

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Tackling asbestos can be a nightmare to many but fortunately, you don’t have to do this on your own. What is more, it is rather discouraged to make any attempts at any do-it-yourself type of initiatives. Blue A, for example, is always sharing its expertise with the customers and guide them through every step of the process. It also has to be remembered that the service they provide is truly custom-made and ranges from asbestos identification to successful asbestos removal and disposal.