Asbestos Removal Essex

Is asbestos removal necessary?

One would think that it is now a common knowledge that we are all somehow exposed to low levels of asbestos. Yet there are still thousands of properties in the UK that have not had the asbestos removal done. It is particularly dangerous when it comes to older buildings from the period between 1960 and 1980 when it was extremely popular to implement that material for various construction purposes. Unfortunately, the reports of its toxicity started appearing too late for the asbestos to be eradicated from many of our dwellings. In any case, tampering with the material that may contain asbestos or accidental inhaling its dust could build your odds of contracting an asbestos-related illness. That is why it is imperative to get rid of that mineral if it is still present in your building. Fortunately, thanks to Essex companies such as Blue A Ltd you can have it done for affordable rates and top-notch quality.

How does Blue A Ltd work?

Our job starts with you contacting us. We usually try to ask as many questions as possible in order to get a clear understanding of your situation before we visit the site ourselves. A special team of experts with loads of experience is going to pay you a visit in order to survey your dwelling and see whether there are any possible asbestos-containing materials. After we do that, the next step is usually to do the testing and sampling in order to diagnose the urgency of your situation and the potential danger you are exposed to. Depending on the test results we decide on the game plan and get down to completing all the necessary equipment. Our removals are always conducted in accordance with the highest standards and with the best interest of clients in mind.

What next?

Once the site is cleared of asbestos we always pay maximum attention to ensuring that there are no remnants that have been omitted. Also, we 100% take care of the disposal of that dangerous material so that you do not have to face that challenge. If you have any other questions regarding our services and conduct – please do not hesitate to give us a call.