Asbestos Removal Feltham

Is asbestos still present in the UK?

Asbestos is one of the materials that are commonly perceived as belonging to the past. That is probably why most people disregard the possibility that it can be present in their building. However, embracing this attitude can often backfire, especially when you happen to live in a building erected prior to 1990s. That noxious material was then banned altogether from the UK market and has long been withdrawn from use in new constructions. The situation is more pressing, however, when it comes to the buildings from the past. Not all of the homeowners decided to follow with the regulations and remove the asbestos in their properties. The bad news is, however, that this material is prone to deterioration over time and in such circumstances can pose a real threat to people exposed to it. What should be done, then?

The background of asbestos

Back in the days, asbestos had a lot of undeniable advantages. It was relatively cheap, sturdy and often fireproof. That is why it was used to a vast extent in all host of places: piping, roofing, floors and others. The tricky thing is that some of these locations are well hidden and sometimes can be really difficult to find, which at the same time makes asbestos easier to be overlooked. Away from view, this material can often freely deteriorate and release the toxic dust which has been described as one of the main reasons for illnesses of the respiratory tract. People who inhale these fibres can contract cancers, mesothelioma or asbestosis – all of them serious and potentially lethal ailments. That is why it is so tremendously important to have your dwelling properly tested for any possible asbestos presence. Blue A Ltd is one of the best companies on the market to help you with both testing and removal in the region of Feltham.

Why Blue A Ltd?

You may ask yourself: but what makes them so unique? Well, first of all – they are genuine professions in that job, with a wealth of experience gathered throughout the years. Moreover, their service is always custom-made and takes into account all the intricacies of your situation. Finally, their offer takes care of each and every step of the process – from asbestos identification to its ultimate disposal.