Asbestos Removal Fulham

Asbestos in your neighbourhood

Realising that there is asbestos in your flat or house can definitely be a harrowing experience. After all, this material has been labelled as a thing of the past, troublesome legacy of the times gone by, something that has surely been taken care of. The reality is much more startling, though. There are still thousands of houses all over the UK where this problem is present and sometimes, unfortunately, not properly recognized. Because of the exposure to the noxious asbestos fibres every year there are over five thousand people who die of related illnesses and suffer from other major ailments such as asbestosis or cancers. Fortunately, there are now companies on the market ready to get this problem sorted out quickly and with extreme thoroughness. Blue A Ltd is one of them.

Truths and myths about asbestos

One of the most widespread fallacies about asbestos is that it is dangerous in all circumstances. That does not really hold true, though, as this substance poses the highest risk when it is disturbed or crumpled. Then the particles are released into the air and when they are inhaled, they deposit in the lungs. One of the most problematic issues is the fact that asbestos-related diseases can be triggered even after a couple of decades after the exposure. It is thus sometimes difficult to link potential diseases with this specific kind of contact but the connection between these ailments and the substance has been proven and well documented. If you believe that there is even a slim chance of this material being present in your building, you absolutely have to act on that feeling. Having an asbestos testing team come over and investigate your dwelling is one of the best first choices you can make.

How can Blue A be of use?

If it turns out that your dwelling has some remnants of asbestos, a plan will need to be drafted for its subsequent handling. If it is kept in decent condition, removal is not always necessary and you can settle for encapsulation (which is basically a way of protecting the material from further deterioration). However, if there is definite proof of crumpled ACMs (asbestos-containing materials) being present in your flat, you need to have asbestos removal team work their magic to set you free from this troublesome substance. If you happen to live in Fulham, Blue A is one of the companies ready to assist you with that process.