Asbestos Removal Hammersmith

Asbestos in Hammersmith

It is hard to imagine a more terrifying experience than discovering that you live next to a substance that is carcinogenic and potentially deadly. Asbestos matches that description and, unfortunately, this problem is far from being resolved in a lot of properties all over the UK. The reality, in fact, is that there are still large residues of this substance deposited in the country and some people are blissfully unaware of the predicament they are in. Fortunately, people are no longer left to their own devices when it comes to handling asbestos removal. Thanks to companies such as Blue A Ltd, all the work involved can be done in a timely and secure manner. It is now also available in the region of Hammersmith.

Where is asbestos still present?

One may definitely wonder: how is it possible that asbestos has lasted for so long without being removed? The answer is plain and simple: the ban was introduced on its implementation in the new buildings and it is now indeed against the law to utilize it in any types of constructions. However, there was hardly an organised action to get rid of the asbestos that was still implemented in the buildings from a more historical time (e.g. built from the 1920s onwards). The task of identifying it is not always a piece of cake as this fibrous material can sometimes be hidden in places such as piping or roofing, which, for obvious reasons, are not checked regularly. That often comes as a shock to people who are truly alarmed by the fact that asbestos is not an outdated concept and can pose a real and valid threat to people directly exposed to it.

Why Blue A Ltd?

Professional asbestos removal companies are characterised by a couple of characteristics. First of all, they strive to offer a wide host of services which include a full spectrum: from identification, through extraction, to the final disposal of the waste. While looking for specialists, it is also advisable to ask for references from previous clients and enquire about the safety measures a given company embraces during work. Blue A are genuine experts at handling asbestos and will provide you with a one of a kind, tailor-made deal to get that nagging problem off your chest.