Asbestos Removal Harefield

Why is asbestos still here?

How should people react when they discover asbestos in their flats or houses? What are the risks? How come this material is still present and causing problems? After a couple of years’ experience in asbestos removal, we are more than used to hearing these questions. Surprisingly, a lot of people still don’t know about the fact that this material was widely used in a lot of constructions all over the UK and was by no means successfully got rid of. When kept in unfavourable conditions, it is known to break and crumble which, in turn, leads to the toxic dust being released. And here’s where things go a bit dramatic: inhaling these particles is extremely harmful and may cause a host of ailments such as asbestosis or cancer.

Professional asbestos removal

Asbestos is a material that hit its peak popularity in the middle of the last century. Because of its properties such as durability and relatively low price, it quickly became one of the most favoured construction materials used in elements such as roofing, piping or insulation. It took some decades for the researchers to realise the connection between this material and some severe diseases. Alarmed by such information, a lot of people will probably rush to run overall checks of their buildings. However, it has to be mentioned that identifying and potential removing of asbestos should not be attempted without the necessary gear and expertise. Only qualified professionals will conduct these tasks with appropriate diligence and can guarantee that no potential asbestos site was omitted during the survey. Harefield is now also a location where testing for asbestos presence and be conducted, for example with the help of Blue A Ltd. company.

How can Blue A help?

Blue A Ltd is an enterprise which made removing asbestos its bread and butter. Our company is characterised by unwavering professionalism and years of experience in conducting similar tasks, which, in turn, guarantees that we have seen and extracted even the most dangerous types of substances. Our offer includes a full scope of services, beginning with asbestos investigation to the last one: disposal of all the arising waste.