Asbestos Removal Harrow

Do I need asbestos testing?

Plenty of homes and business headquarters in Harrow were erected in times when asbestos use was more than popular. Back then no one knew about the horrid health consequences of exposure to its dust and inhaling its particles. It was fully realised at the turn of the last century when health professionals linked utilising this mineral to diseases such as lung cancer or asbestosis. It was soon after banned from use and any extraction has been ceased, however, the process of removing asbestos from existing buildings was not so efficient. That is why the time has finally come for all Harrow inhabitants to get rid of it and ensure that their environment is devoid of that ticking bomb! If you have even the faintest of feelings that your dwelling may be contaminated with asbestos, there is no point in waiting as this mineral deteriorates over time and become even more lethal every year!

How is asbestos safely removed?

First off, please be advised that any attempts to get rid of asbestos on your own is highly hazardous and should not be attempted by people without the necessary expertise and gear. There are at least a couple of tricky aspects of this procedure – to begin with, the fact that this mineral is often hidden in parts such as insulation and can hardly be seen with the naked eye. Also, tampering with it is risky as it may release the toxic dust and contribute to a serious respiratory system condition. Worse still, the aftermath of asbestos contact is rarely seen straightaway – it may take years for the symptoms to appear. As you can see, their risks are considerable and shall not be underplayed!

Asbestos removal step by step

The whole procedure is pretty straightforward and as safe as it can possibly be. Our highly trained team firstly examines the dwelling for potential asbestos presence, take samples and judge the condition of the material, in order to take proper measures during the removal process. After that, the location is properly secured in order to keep no one in the harm’s way.