Asbestos Removal Hayes

Asbestos in the UK

A couple of decades ago, finding a house or flat without asbestos components would be next to impossible. Back then, this material was so widespread that the construction workers would utilize it almost everywhere – in insulation, walls, textured coatings or ductwork. However, the affordable and resistant mineral was almost too good to be true – it quickly turned out that it may lead to serious health issues such as cancers. After that, a massive removal action followed in order to keep the UK residents safe and sound. However, it is still far from being completed with thousands of people living in dwellings with asbestos, often without realising it. If you have even the slightest feeling that you might be in jeopardy, it is high time to act. Call Blue A Ltd, your Hayes reliable asbestos removal contractor and get your home screened as soon as possible!

Trained asbestos operatives

Our attitude to handling this hazardous material leaves nothing to luck – we are fully trained and always utterly focused in order to provide our customers with a comprehensive service that does not require subsequent do-overs or further works. Years of experience in the industry have resulted in us using only the most reliable and efficient techniques which include utilizing the most advanced technological solutions. Our clients are kept fully informed at every stage of the process and are privy to all the details of our operations. More importantly, though, we also take care of the disposal of asbestos so that you do not have to lose sleep over the proper regulations set by the council.

Need to know more?

We are fully aware that asbestos removal may seem like a mind-boggling and dangerous process. While it may be so for an inexperienced and unprepared daredevil, our company has had plenty of opportunities to hone our skills in that area hence any concerns are really ungrounded. Please remember that we also conduct asbestos testings in order to confirm or rule out the possibility of your surrounding containing that mineral. Only after we have absolute certainty we present you with a course of action we would like to implement. Each of these cases is analysed separately and you may be absolutely sure that our methods will be bespoke to you and your needs.