Asbestos Removal Hertford

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a chemical that used to be very commonly utilized in construction. It reached its peak popularity in mid-1980s thanks to its durability and cost-efficiency. However, it was only a couple years later when the dreadful qualities of this material were brought to light. Doctors have quickly linked exposure to asbestos with illnesses such as lung cancer or asbestosis. Because of that a worldwide action to get rid of this mineral was set in motion, however, with only partial success as there is still plenty of evidence showing that countries such as the UK are far from being asbestos-free. Fortunately, there is something we can do about this. And there are companies which live off solving that long-due problem in Hertford.

Qualified asbestos removal

Blue A Ltd is a renowned company specializing in asbestos testing, sampling and removing. Such a wide range of services is not a coincidence as every task has to be approached methodically and the specialists have to ensure the type and condition of asbestos present in a given location. Our qualified experts who have become household names for asbestos handling in Herford are also always eager to fill in you in on the process and potential obstacles that may hinder it. Rest assured, though – our operations are based on the best practices and comply with all environmental standards. We not only get rid of the noxious material but also take care of the disposal so that no environmental damage is done.

More about the removal

Asbestos has to be handled very carefully and you should absolutely give up on a thought that you could do it yourself. Carelessness, in that case, could prove to be fatal in the future as the health consequences of exposure to this mineral usually appear after a couple of years or decades. Taking that risk when there are professional companies doing it with putting no one in danger is thus something highly irresponsible. All you need to do is call Blue A Limited and have our surveyors visit your location – we will inspect your flat or house and pass on a judgement on whether there may be some risks involved. So do not wait and call us!