Asbestos Removal High Wycombe

Can I do it myself?

If you happen to live in a house or a flat built prior to 1985, it is very likely that its construction may contain toxic asbestos. In such a case, it is highly recommended to have a surveyor visit your dwelling and pass a professional judgement on whether or not this mineral should be removed. The health implications have been known for decades – inhaling asbestos is linked with such terrible conditions as cancers. Worse still, even the smallest exposure does not manifest itself straight away but rather tends to appear years after, in a form of some incurable disease. Why do I need help, some would ask? Well, removing asbestos is not something one can do as another point on your Sunday’s agenda. When it comes to chemicals like that, professional’s oversight is in order. Contact your High Wycombe asbestos specialists – Blue A Ltd and have your house checked.

Is asbestos safe?

Please rest assured – all of our operations are 100% safe and compliant with the highest safety standards. Years of experience have taught us, however, that the risk of asbestos should not be downplayed. Ultimately, thousands of people die every year of illnesses related to this substance which is a very telling number. If you decide to use Blue A Ltd’s services, you can certainly count on top-notch quality and no loose ends which, in such case, would be very dangerous. Our services also involve lawful disposal of asbestos waste which is yet another reason to opt for our company. With us, you can be sure that the material will be handled safely at every stage of works, without harming neither the humans nor the environment.

Want to know more?

It is understandable that the prospect of discovering asbestos in your home can be a bit disturbing. After all, it has been years since its terrible health consequences were brought to the public’s attention. However, that does not mean that more delaying is in order. As this material can be pretty craftily hidden (e.g. in piping) we highly recommend running appropriate checks in your dwelling so that you can stay on the safe side, away from asbestos.