Asbestos Removal Ickenham

How much asbestos is there left?

Asbestos is one of the most lethal threats that people can face in their immediate surrounding. The sheer numbers speak for themselves: almost five thousand people every year die of diseases related to this material. However, despite the fact that these noxious consequences are usually well-known, there still are people who for some reasons have not yet decided to run comprehensive tests on their buildings. This article is going to present all the details about this operation and, additionally, will shed more light on the issue of asbestos removal in the UK.

Where was asbestos used?

Ickenham, when it comes to asbestos presence, is a location like any other in the British Isles. One can easily spot there some of the buildings erected decades ago, sometimes in a regrettable condition or dozens of old garages housing modern cars. These specific types of buildings were listed for a very specific reason: they are on the top of the list when it comes to the likelihood of them having asbestos inside. Older residential buildings have been constructed at times when there were actually no hard facts about the perilous consequences of this type of exposure. Asbestos was put everywhere it was possible – in insulation, roofing or floors. The good news about it is that not always it poses a deadly threat and has to be removed at all cost and immediately. The course of action largely depends on the condition of that particular material. If it does not crumble or show any signs of significant wear and tear, you may assume that the problems are kept at bay. But the tricky thing is that the material can deteriorate every day and that is why it absolutely needs to be secured.

How to act?

One can ask, however, how is it done? The method is plain, simple and called: encapsulation. By means of doing this, the issue of asbestos presence can be put to bed for a couple of years but it actually only reminds kicking a can down the road. In such cases, it is advisable to hire a professional company which will get that nagging problem off your chest and ensure that your living space is free of any dangers.