Asbestos Removal Kensington

Is asbestos still dangerous?

There are hundreds of health risks that people are exposed to on a daily basis. However, inhaling the toxic asbestos fibres 24/7 in 2017 is a ridiculous form on unawareness that should have never happened. Sadly, the area of Kensington (just as the rest of the UK) is no exception here. Thousands of buildings have not yet been tested for asbestos presence and may potentially pose a lethal threat to the innocent people living next doors. But how can ensure that he or she may be exposed to this substance? Learn this article and extend your knowledge on handling and identifying that toxic substance.

How to discover asbestos?

The use of asbestos may seem surprising from today’s point of view but at the time it was really considered to be one of the sturdiest and most affordable materials in the construction industry. Few other substances could match its low cost and extreme cost-effectiveness. It was heavily implemented in elements such as piping, insulation or ventilation ducts. When the reports of its toxicity started flowing in, it became obvious that that material will rapidly lose its reputation and will be wiped off the face of Earth. That was the theoretical assumption. However, the reality proved to be radically different. While asbestos has been banned from the use in new constructions, there is still a fair number of properties all over the UK where this fibrous substance is present and deteriorates every day, probably releasing the toxic dust. That side effect of asbestos implementation has been linked to ailments such as cancer or asbestosis, both being life-threatening and extremely difficult to fight.

Blue A – the right choice

Blue A is one of the most reliable companies responsible for the removal of asbestos in the Kensington area. Their unsurpassed expertise and a long list of successfully organised extractions speak volumes about their workmanlike attitude and impeccable work ethics. Their competent team is ready to advise at every stage of the process and does not leave any loose ends, which is extremely important in a job as volatile as this.