Asbestos Removal Leighton Buzzard

Where is asbestos taken from?

Asbestos is a material present in nature. Moreover, despite the notoriety it has gathered throughout the years, it is still mined in countries such as Russia (although the extraction is nowhere near as vibrant as it used to be). For over a hundred years it has been utilized as a material in construction, mainly for elements such as insulation or piping. In 1999 it was officially banned from use but one would be mistaken to think that this regulation has wiped out this substance from the UK. Admittedly, it is no longer used in new buildings but the old ones can sometimes be still full of this fibrous, carcinogenic substance.

Just what is asbestos?

The story of asbestos being implemented in the construction industry is at the same time a story that describes the progress of science. First off, this substance was perceived as a genuine revolution in that business, offering protection from fire and high durability. That is why it was used on roofs and also in piping. However, when the first reports started flooding in, claiming that asbestos has a detrimental effect on people’s health, it became clear that the material’s rise to popularity will end in an abrupt way. Up to this day, there are thousands of people every year whose lives who die of asbestos-related diseases and oftentimes suffer tremendous pain. One of the facts that seems to have not hit home yet for many people is that it is actually not that difficult to become sick due to inhaling asbestos dust. The noxious fibres, when breathed in, may deposit in the lungs and become triggered only in a couple of decades’ time.

Why should I trust Blue A?

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