Asbestos Removal Luton

Asbestos in Luton – how to get rid of it?

No matter where exactly in the UK you live, chances are that you unwillingly put a lot of innocent people at risk. If that introduction sounds scary, read on. According to the latest research, thousands of British homes and business headquarters have yet to dispose of asbestos. However shocking it may sound, that is the sad reality. The material was amply used until the mid-1980s for purposes such as roofing, tiling or insulation and its remnants are often still present in a plethora of houses in the country. That sounds even more spine-tingling if you realise that asbestos is a lethal threat if inhaled which is disturbingly easy to do for instance during redecorations. The substance was officially banner in 1985 but the removal procedure was far from being a spectacular success. Fortunately, there are companies such as Blue A Ltd which have become household names for offering affordable and reliable asbestos testing and sampling in the UK. Now they also operate in Luton.

Risk factors of asbestos

There are a couple of factors you should consider before contacting specialists who will investigate your construction and pass on professional judgements. First of all, your chances rise if the building you are living in was erected between the 1960s and 1980s. That period marks asbestos’ peak popularity and a time when it was implemented on a massive scale, without any consideration for health consequences which were revealed soon after that.

How is it done?

Asbestos fibres, when released into the air, constitute a major health threat. That is why all the people without appropriate gear and expertise should refrain from handling that issue on their own. Experts such as our Blue A team will first visit your dwelling and do tentative sampling and testing in order to see whether indeed asbestos is present there and, if so, what is its condition. After that our experts proceed with the removal, maintaining all the highest security standards and, more importantly, taking care of the disposal to a prepared and destined location. As you can see, we leave nothing to chance and strive to be as professional as possible. These are precisely the qualities you would expect from your asbestos handling company.