Asbestos Removal Marlow

Getting rid of asbestos in Marlow

Asbestos is a very perilous and deadly mineral that has been often seen as a cause of various diseases such as lung cancer or mesothelioma. Laws prohibiting its use in the UK came into effect in 1985, however, you may still find this material in older constructions. Its presence sometimes can encourage people to act on their own and try to remove it as yet another DIY activity. It is key, however, that if you believe that there your property may contain asbestos, you should call a group of experts who can deal with it legitimately and safely. Our amazingly qualified specialists at Blue A are genuine experts at managing these issues and also go to great lengths to ensure that your area is successfully cleared. Finally, we also take care of the disposal of any arising waste.

What are the asbestos dangers?

Asbestos is not something to fool with. Before 1985, asbestos was used as a construction material in both commercial and residential buildings. Up until now, it can be present inside parts of ventilation, floors or even insulation. In order to be sure that this substance is properly identified you should reach out to experts in the matter. Blue A, for instance, knows precisely how dangerous living next to asbestos can be. While this material is usually not dangerous when kept in good condition, there are certain occasions when the toxic dust could be released. For example, organizing a renovation in a building that was not tested for asbestos presence may be a very risky undertaking which could possibly put people’s lives in danger. In order to avoid this scenario, it is advisable to have your living space properly surveyed by professionals who are competent and ready to advise on the best course of action.

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