Asbestos Removal North West

History of asbestos

Asbestos was a popular construction material that was officially banned in 1999 because of its highly toxic qualities. While it is true that no contemporary buildings contain that noxious chemical, that possibility cannot be ruled out when it comes to other, older buildings such as the ones created a couple of decades ago. As numerous health studies show, this material can cause diseases like cancer and can generally worsen the state of health. Being exposed to it, especially inhaling it, is one of the biggest hazards one may encounter. The most dangerous situation when people usually get in contact with asbestos is redecorations. While demolishing walls or removing tiles or insulation, often asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are tampered with which may give rise to asbestos dust. That, in turn, is highly toxic material which may cause illnesses in the future.

How can we help?

Faced with such consequences, no one would like to sit on their hands. If you have not solved that problem yet, now it is high time to get that sorted out and provide yourself and your family with healthy and non-contaminated environment. In order to help you diagnose your current asbestos situation, we usually run basic tests and do a sample in order to make sure what is the condition of asbestos and how it should be approached. The results of that analysis are crucial and influence the subsequent scope of work.

Our services

When it comes to asbestos removal services in the North West, Blue A Ltd has yet to find its match when it comes to quality, reliability and technological advancement of operations. It is truly one of a kind company that approaches its business holistically, leaving no loose ends and always caring about customers’ satisfaction. Having them get rid of asbestos will not only be value for money but also a reasonable choice that will probably not require any additional works in the future. Their services also include the disposal of asbestos which is definitely a plus as you surely cannot just throw it into your trash can and forget forever. Clearly, as you can see, their operations are comprehensive and utterly professional. These are the exceptional qualities that make them stand out on the market and attract hordes of customers.