Asbestos Removal Northwood

How to get rid of asbestos in Northwood?

There is no shame whatsoever in having asbestos in your home. We are perfectly aware that millions of people all over the UK know the lethal consequences of exposure to this material but it also has to be said that not always was the removal process completed and fully successful. It is still common to see roofs or piping with asbestos, years after it was revealed how dangerous this chemical can be. Before 1985 it was massively utilized all over the UK and the world but its popularity has, understandably, gone to zero since that time. If you have a feeling that your dwelling may not be 100% clear, there is no point in kicking the can down the road. You absolutely should act on your gut and get professional help before it is too late.

How can we help you?

Our company operates all over the UK and has gathered immense experience in any asbestos-related works. Now we also enter the Northwood market in order to end the nightmare of waking up and living next to this outdated polluter. After all, who would like to risk contracting lung cancer or mesothelioma because of such a basic negligence? If you live in a building constructed between the 1960s and 1980s, chances are quite significant that this problem was not handled properly and there are still some remnants of asbestos in your flat or house. That is why asking professionals for help is of such paramount importance. It also has to be mentioned that dealing with that issue on your own is asking for trouble as only the experienced and trained professionals have all the necessary tools and expertise in order to perform asbestos removal. In any other cases, you put yourself at an immense risk that we want to spare you.

Process description

Our operations are divided into a couple of stages. First of all, we do some preliminary testing and sampling which are aimed at checking the condition of asbestos and verifying its type. Once that is done, we develop a plan for the removal and identify potential hazards. After the procedure is completed, we also take all necessary measures in order for the remnants of the material to be disposed of in a rightful destination. As you can see, we are a law-abiding, quality-obsessed company that will make this nightmare go away for you.