Asbestos Removal Richmond

Do I need to remove asbestos?

It is rather common knowledge that asbestos was commonly used in the construction industry since the 1940s until the end of 1980s. Its use was mainly predicated on the fact that is was unusually affordable and really durable. However, the massive use of this substance has quickly turned out to be a huge mistake, when it was found out that exposure to its fibres can cause cancer or mesothelioma. After that, an asbestos removal action has soon followed but was not completed to the extent which would allow to say that this problem is now gone. Quite the contrary – there is still a lot of work to be done, also in the area of Richmond. Blue A Ltd is a company which is ready to assist you at every stage of the process: from identification to disposal

How does asbestos surveying work?

Our company has all the credentials necessary for conducting any asbestos-related works. If you believe that your dwelling may contain that particular material, you should immediately seek help from a specialist. We suggest that you are not be tempted by the manuals available on the Internet, showing how to proceed with asbestos removal on your own. The truth is that this task is far more insidious than it may seem and should be tackled by specialists only. Otherwise innocent people can be put in harm’s way and the consequences of such exposure have been proven to be potentially dire and long-lasting. Companies such as ours can guide you through the whole process of removing asbestos, identify the potential ACMs (asbestos-containing materials), get rid of it and, finally, dispose of it in its rightful location.

How to get in touch

Having asbestos in your flat or house is nothing to be ashamed of. There are thousands of people who face the same problem every day and, what is particularly shocking, are not aware of the noxious consequences. Acting on your suspicions is thus the best move you can make. Call Blue A Ltd and share your story with us. Let our qualified experts examine your area and establish what kind of steps should be taken.