Asbestos Removal Rickmansworth

What is asbestos?

Checking for asbestos and removing it is definitely one of the first tasks that need to be dealt with when moving into an old building. Over the years we have successfully managed to get rid of these toxic elements in hundreds of houses in Hertfordshire and other counties. Hiring professionals for this task is even more important when you consider the fact that asbestos is critically dangerous when moved or subject to impact (the noxious fibres are primarily released on such occasions). The list of health risks connected with lifelong exposure to asbestos is terrifying – prolonged inhalation leads to diseases such as lung cancer or other ailments of the respiratory system. Blue A Ltd is ready to get that ticking bomb off your property. Sounds scary? Rest assured, though – Rickmansworth is a county where we also provide our asbestos removal services.

How do we operate?

Our work can be usually divided into a couple of tasks: first, we conduct the surveying. We need to establish the condition of asbestos in order to decide on an action plan. We also have to forecast the state of your building, construction materials and determine whether there are any hidden traces of asbestos. This surveying must be conducted at your property. Subsequently, we typically take a sample of the materials in order to make sure that it contains asbestos and may pose a health risk to people nearby. The results of the sampling are usually available within a couple of days.

The importance of asbestos removal

Our company offers its services all over the home counties, including Rickmansworth. Luckily, more and more people are now aware of the importance of asbestos testing and can avoid the risk of contracting terrible diseases. If you are unsure whether your flat or house may be at risk, pick up the phone and give us a call. Our specialized team will help you rule out that possibility or advice on best solutions if your suspicions turned out to be true. And please remember to give up on any attempts of removing the asbestos on your own. That carries a risk of inhaling the toxic particles and may ultimately have very serious health ramifications.