Asbestos Removal Shepherds Bush

Where can I find asbestos?

Location is of no importance – asbestos is still a problem that can be spotted all over the UK and, sadly, not enough has been done so far to get rid of it. Thousands of people are put in danger every day because of negligence that should have been dealt with decades ago. Unfortunately, asbestos removal is far from being completed and it is still one of the most primary health hazards people are exposed to. While it is highly improbable to find it in new buildings, it is still rife in constructions erected a couple of decades ago. If you happen to live in one, you should absolutely contact Blue A Ltd and get your house or flat tested as this substance is terribly difficult to spot with the naked eye and can be hidden in such unexpected places like piping or insulation.

How to handle asbestos?

Right after asbestos was pronounced to be highly toxic there were very few companies who could take care of removing it in a professional and due manner. Fortunately, that has radically changed since then with the appearance of companies such as Blue A. Now also the inhabitants of Shepherd Bush can ask genuine experts for help in diagnosing, sampling and disposing of asbestos from various location all over the city and the region. When it comes to this perilous chemical, sitting on your hands is certainly not recommended as asbestos is known for deteriorating over time and that may lead to serious diseases of the respiratory system. And what are the odds that you know what is your insulation or piping made of? That is why experts help is absolutely crucial at this point.

How to do this?

Most of all – not by yourself! Undertaking any attempts at removing asbestos without appropriate gear or expertise is really asking for trouble. If you do not want to put your health in danger, it is best to have it done by people who have conducted hundreds of similar and more daunting operations. First, they will visit your building and have a very thorough look at its construction in order to locate potential threats. Then samples will be taken in order to be analysed for material type and condition. If it is confirmed that your construction contains asbestos, we immediately take appropriate steps towards its removal without compromising your health. In the end, the chemical is safely disposed of with due regard to environmental regulations.