Asbestos Removal Slough

Consequences of asbestos exposure

Being exposed to asbestos is one of the greatest threats that could be well-hidden and difficult to notice. This chemical is highly toxic and usually results in terrible diseases which occur years after first contact. Despite the ban on using it, established around 1990, there are still plenty of locations where it resides. It is thus of great importance to have your dwelling checked, especially if you live in a flat or house build between 1960 and 1980. Ignoring that fact may expose you to a tremendous risk in the future. So, instead of postponing action on that slightly embarrassing fact, get your surroundings screened for asbestos and make sure that everything in your home environment is safe and sound.

Who should undertake asbestos removal?

Handling asbestos, on the face of it, may seem like something that could be done without particular effort and virtually by anyone. After all, what is so difficult about removing a couple of buckets of this substance? Well, you are plainly wrong. First of all, asbestos is sometimes difficult to notice as it was sometimes utilized only as an ingredient of elements such as piping and insulation. Usually, it does not cause any problems but tampering with it and demolishing is a completely different story. Then the noxious particles become airborne and the risk of contracting a dangerous disease goes through the roof. Without specialists who know the asbestos removal procedure inside out, you gamble your health to an immense extent.

Why Blue A Ltd?

To begin with, our Slough company offers you an across-the-board service that includes all the crucial and minute stages of getting rid of asbestos. We begin our job with inspecting your building, scrutinizing all possible locations of asbestos and take samples where needed. At every point, we strive to keep you fully informed in order to let you know about the potential scope of works that need to be done. Usually, we are able to predict the timeframe and cost after we receive the results of tests and establish the familiar of potential asbestos-containing material. The older they are, the more fragile and dangerous they can be. After all, is done and dusted, we also take care of disposing the material to a location specified by your local council.