Asbestos Removal Stanwell

Is asbestos still present?

Discovering asbestos in your flat may come as a shock, and rightly so. Who would have thought that this substance can still be a threat, all these years after it was deemed carcinogenic? The fact is, though, that asbestos removal has not been entirely successful and there are still locations in the UK where this problem has not been properly dealt with. Basically – not all the properties have been properly tested for this material and, as the constructions get older, the remnants of asbestos will deteriorate, releasing a toxic dust. It can be responsible for contracting diseases such as lung cancer or mesothelioma. So what should one do in order to avoid that fateful scenario? Put your trust with specialist such as Blue A Limited, now operating also in the region of Stanwell.

Asbestos removal risks

Asbestos removal is a very responsible and risky task. It has to be handled by professionals in order to ensure that the highest standards are maintained and no people are put in jeopardy. Because of the fact that this substance has to approach with such excessive care, it is crucial to delegate this task to professionals who have a wealth of experience in this area. Only this way you can be sure that getting rid of asbestos will be definite and as thorough as possible. Sloppiness or botched jobs are simply unacceptable in a situation like this when the material in question can pose such a valid health risk (when it becomes airborne, the fibres can deposit in human lungs and later on contribute to developing severe ailments of the respiratory tract).

Next steps

Before the very removal procedure is done, our specialists survey the building in question in order to establish whether there is any risk of asbestos deterioration. Sometimes getting rid of all the asbestos in a given area may not be the most cost-effective choice. Our service includes drafting a professional strategy of handling asbestos – this way you can be absolutely positive that after our actions there is no immediate threat left.