Asbestos Removal Tring

What are the consequences of asbestos exposure?

Asbestos is one of the gravest and well-hidden risks that people may be exposed to on a daily basis. What is even more treacherous about this material is the fact that the consequences of the first exposure can arise only after 20-30 years, which makes it difficult to link potential ailments with that contact. However, it has already been proven that inhaling asbestos fibres can cause illnesses such as lung cancer or mesothelioma. If you happen to live in a building erected in the last century, you may want to consider running a thorough survey on your dwelling in order to make sure that there are no immediate risks for you.

The real dangers of asbestos

Inhaling asbestos is one of the most major dangers that could be well-covered up and hard to be fully aware of. This compound is lethal and as a rule, brings about awful infections which happen years after the first contact. In spite of the restriction on utilizing it from around 1990, there are still a lot of areas where it is present. Therefore, it is of tremendous significance to have your abode checked, particularly in the event that you occupy a building erected between 1960 and 1980. Failing to act in that aspect may turn out to be a gigantic hazard later on. This way, rather than avoid facing the uncomfortable truth, get your surroundings screened for asbestos and ensure that everything in your home condition is sheltered and sound.

How can Blue A help?

First of all, our Tring branch can provide you with a broad range of services, starting from a successful asbestos identification to safe and lawful disposal. We start our task by reviewing your building, examining every conceivable area of asbestos’s presence and taking tests where required. Every time we take pains to keep you completely up-to-date. Normally we can foresee the timespan and cost after we get the results of tests. The more established they are, the more delicate and risky they can be. After all, is done and tidied, we additionally deal with arranging the material to an area indicated by your local authorities.