Asbestos Removal Waltham Abbey

How to handle asbestos?

Asbestos may seem to many as an outdated threat, a thing of no importance, belonging to the past. That view, however, could not be further from reality – in fact, that danger is still pretty common these days and shall not be underplayed. If you happen to live in an older building, you may be exposed to the toxic asbestos fibres and contract serious diseases such as lung cancer or asbestosis. That is why it is so essential to have this material properly surveyed and analysed. Asbestos removal is not always necessary but should be treated very seriously. Blue A Ltd is a company that helps in getting rid of that problem. It now also operates in Waltham Abbey.

The history of asbestos

Despite the fact that asbestos has been long banned in most of the countries, it would be too early to assume that there are no traces of this substance left in the buildings erected in the last century. Constructions such as garages, flats or houses have not always had a survey done on them and because of that, they may still be full of that noxious substance. Statistics clearly show that there are still almost five thousand deaths every year which are related to asbestos and that number is hardly unlikely to fall in the coming years. Symptoms of these diseases do not always occur straightaway – usually, it takes some time for them to appear which renders diagnosing very difficult. There is also one more myth that needs to be dispelled – asbestos is by no means exclusive to certain types of buildings – it can occur in every construction and sometimes be well hidden (for instance in piping).

How can Blue A help?

Blue A has already made its name in the business of getting rid of asbestos. Our specialists with years of experience are always ready to help in diagnosing the state of your building and establish whether it needs to have any major job done. Our customers are informed about the progress of our work at every state and are privy to all the arrangement and details concerning their buildings. Thanks to a team of devoted and diligent employees we can deliver quality in asbestos removal for all our clients in Waltham Abbey.