Asbestos Removal West Drayton

How to handle asbestos?

From today’s point of view, it is very difficult to understand why asbestos was so popular. However, people responsible for introducing that new trend in the construction industry cannot be blamed for the massive implementation of this material – after all, it was very affordable and resistant, which was a perfect match. It was utilised for all sorts of purposes: in insulation, piping, roofing or floors – sometimes asbestos was also hidden in a lot of places that even today are difficult to uncover. After the first reports about this substance’s toxicity started hitting home, the majority of people decided to dispose of that threat as soon as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone jumped on that bandwagon and sometimes, even until this day, have to live next to this problem.

Why not do it yourself

Fortunately, there are companies such as Blue A Limited, which are ready to accept the challenge of removing asbestos from even the most demanding of places. You can ask, but why can’t I do it myself? While it may seem to be a valid question, there are aspects which make this task hardly fit into the ordinary DIY. First of all, it has to be properly analysed and diagnosed – removing only the most evident parts sometimes may not seem to be enough. Moreover, asbestos is the most dangerous when it becomes crumpled and airborne and a reckless person could easily disturb it, which equals setting off that genuine biological bomb. Among the properties which should be properly tested and, possibly, protected from the consequences of this substance are all constructions from between the 1920s and 1980s.

How we handle it

It may seem that asbestos removal is a process which can be massive and time-consuming. There is no denying, however, that the properties in West Drayton could definitely use some help in getting rid of it. In all fairness, though, these situations occur rather once in a blue moon – usually, that material can be removed quite smoothly and without causing much disturbance of day to day activity. All the cases reported to us are analysed separately and given our utmost attention – we know full well how essential it is to be focused on a job as risky as this one.