Asbestos Removal Weybridge

Why should I be concerned about asbestos?

Lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma – the list of health risks linked to asbestos is long and truly horrifying. Even more shocking, though, is the fact that there are still thousands of properties all over the UK which have not had it inspected nor removed. Blue A is a company known for its expertise in the subject – they have been responsible for hundreds of asbestos removal actions in the area of Weybridge. Apart from that, they also offer testing – which is usually a prerequisite before any hardcore operation on this volatile material can be attempted.

Asbestos Uses

Asbestos is now known as a toxic material that massively popular in the twentieth century. The material has been rightly labelled as something to stay away from but only a few sources cast some more light on why it became such as massively important substance in the first place. First of all, this silicate material was very heat-resistant and could be woven into fabrics – that allowed for using it in insulation, roofing and other parts which needed to deal with high temperatures. Moreover, it was also affordable and widely available. The combination of these factors was the primary reason for asbestos’s quick rise to popularity. Obviously, it has soon fallen into disrepute after the first diagnoses about its toxicity started to saw the light of day. However, it would be a massive exaggeration to say that there are no traces of that substance anymore. There are still a lot of houses, garages or business headquarters where this issue has been neglected and there are still some remnants of asbestos. If you believe that your property may be one of these, Blue A is the company to reach out to.

How to contact us

Our offer includes a vast range of services: from asbestos testing, identification to its ultimate disposal. All of these are now also provided in the region of Weybridge. Each and every commission we get is estimated separately, taking into account the specificity of the building, scope of works and hours necessary for successful completion of the goal.