Asbestos Removal Windsor

Getting rid of asbestos in Windsor

Here at Blue A, we see asbestos removal as a very important problem that so far has been often overlooked. This mineral is extremely hazardous and should be handled only by professionals wary of all the involved risks. With our years of involvement in taking care of asbestos testing in Windsor and surrounding territories, we have unmatched expertise to help others solve that nagging problem. Regardless if you have quite recently bought an older dwelling or not, there is every reason to have necessary tests done in order to ensure that there are no hazards hidden in your walls or insulation. Our team can deal with these tasks in a swift way and decide exactly how extreme your case is. Blue A Ltd specialists have a plethora of experience they are willing to share in order to make your dwelling less hazardous.

Scope of asbestos work

The first stage of works often involves asbestos sampling – we retrieve a part of the suspected material and scrutinize it with the help of professionals. If a given bit turns out to contain the suspected material, we usually provide the customers with a thorough analysis of a given flat or house, indicating potential hazards and the total estimation of necessary works. Asbestos testing is of crucial importance as it rarely occurs in a clear form – usually, it is merely an ingredient of various items, tiles, roofs, parts of insulation or piping. This is why the surveying has to be done in a thorough manner so that no perilous element is overlooked and can be got rid of. Few people are still aware of the fact that prolonged exposure to asbestos or, worse still, tampering with it is extremely unsafe and can cause diseases such as lung cancer. In order to keep these conditions at bay, it is good to have the tests done before it is too late.

How to get in touch?

We are perfectly aware that asbestos seems to be a thing of the past to many. However, there is a body of research showing that it is still can be spotted in thousands of UK homes. Call us and have us visit your location – we are your Windsor asbestos removal professionals.